Designed for a discerning client, this bookshelf does a lot with a little. The client is in the process of collecting a library of cycling-related books and documents, many of them old or first editions. They wanted a way of displaying some of their favourites in a way that didn’t impose too much on the room, while still showcasing the books in the best way possible. In addition, the shelves might be called upon to do duty as a travelling display when the collection hits the road as part of an exhibition.

The solution is a simple leaning shelf, which can be dissassembled with a #5 allen key (keeping with the bicycle theme) and be rolled up to travel. The shelf fronts were cut from a single wide board, matching the grain across the 4 shelves.

Made from Stone Pine, with steel fixings.
Dimensions: 100 x 2700 x 2100mm